Drilling Services

Drilling Services OverviewWelcome to ARS Drilling Services website. We offer a wide range of environmental drilling and injection services to support our clients needs. ARS has 20 years of experience in environmental services and drilling, and have recently acquired the new Geoprobe 8040DT drilling rigs.

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ARS is known throughout the industry for our strong emphasis and commitment to safety and consequently our excellent safety record. Since all our drillers and operators are cross trained in soil fracturing, high pressure gas/liquid systems and process engineering controls, we offer our clients crews that trained more extensively than any of our peers. Approved for work at active DOE, DOD, NASA, petrochemical and manufacturing facilities, we offer our clients one of the safest trained crew's in the business. Our safety record proves it.


Our advanced drilling fleet is the largest in North America and centered around the new GeoProbe 8040 DT rigs. These powerful limited access rigs offer both auger, Direct push and air rotary capability from the same platform. In addition, to our fleet of 8040 rigs, we offer conventional 6000 series Direct Push Rig services including MIP, Advanced characterization and low overhead clearance drilling services for site investigations, well installations, well abandonments and injection point installations. Coupled with our experienced crews, ARS' drill rigs are extremely fast and efficient, maintained to the highest standards thus insuring high productivity onsite time for our clients. Client reception has been excellent and they have been extremely impressed with the rigs' performance, especially in difficult conditions where maximum rig performance was required.

Services offered:

ARS offers drilling services in states including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and California. (Check with us for updated states and provinces where our services can be contracted)

  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Sampling
  • Injection point installation
  • Injection services
  • Peizometer services
  • Well Installation
  • Well abandonment services
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Project management of Injection and fracturing services
  • Direct Sensing Probes/characterization (conductivity, MIP , FFD)